Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Today was the best day I have had in years/Why you should never give up!

 Ok, so the past few years of my life have been absolute shit. Broke, in debt 30k for college, making no fucking money, almost homeless a few times, worked really fucking shitty jobs and FINALLY today I had my big break and even got to roll against a personal hero of mine in the gym, fucking topped it off like nothing else.

I am now going to tell those of you that want to read this a short story and why you should never give up.

tl;dr go fuck yourself

Ok, so I graduated college in 08' and went and got a shitty job with the gov't because i was a vet and it was an easy thing to do.  After a few months i realized that being trapped behind a desk pushing complicated papers was not for me and I quit that shit, stupidly I might add. I did not have another job lined up, and I had 1k to my name with rent due and all these shitty student loan bills.

I got really fucking depressed, I had a shitty car that barely ran, no ac for past 2 years, paint peeling off, bitches hated it, got fat as fuck, hadnt trained jiujitsu in 2 years as well.  I also thought that maybe I couldnt work a real job, maybe I was just defective and wasnt designed to work at all.  Wanted to fucking die.  I thought it was a good idea to go through all this rather than work a job I hated, boy was I fucking wrong.

Luck sprang up after about a month of solid depression and my friend got me a job at his national diabetic supply company.  I started selling diabetic supplys over the phone and making decent money.  I went from shitty 36k govt job to 60k/yr at the diabetic company. I was the best salesrep there, everyone else was making about 28k and I acted like I was the shit (because I was lol).  Problem was, I was doing so good and being so cocky, they thought it would be better to fire me than to keep me around.  So, I got fucking fired, that sucked real bad.

One of the vendors for that company said I should come work for his company, so I moved all my shit from tennessee to augusta fucking georgia, lived with some random people off of craigslist (got a really fucking funny story about this) and started working there.  Started killing it and got promoted!  I thought I was the shit, again! Got a territory back in tennessee and moved back home.  Little did I realize that:

a) I would be selling dickpumps and they wanted me to put the dickpumps on people to show them that it worked

b) the 32k base salary would not be worth the costs of doing the job

c) Im not selling dickpumps, sorry


So, I took a huge gamble.

I moved to Cali with my little brother to my step-moms house.  I have always had a really bad relationship with her but as of late we became somewhat close. Little did I realize that after showing up there, spending 4k of the 5k I had saved up, that she would tell me to get out in a week.  I had my back against the wall, I had nowhere to go, nowhere back in TN, not enough money to survive even if I went back there.  No real job prospects, nothing.  Cali was just as bad except I was already here.  So I went to a jobfair and landed a really shitty job, but a job that pays 50k base salary.  I got hired and I was ok, except for the fact that it was a really fucking shitty job and it sucked the worse amount of dick ever.

So now I am finally stabilized, my life is somewhat in order, although my step-uncle (or whatever) ripped me off with the car he sold me (500 in repairs in the first month) and my stepmom kicked me out (moved in with strangers from craigslist) I at least have enough money to survive, that is what matters now.

Now, I met someone at this shitty ass job that got a dream fucking job.  Even though I have only known him for like a month, he knew I had a good attitude and a good work ethic, so he got me a job at his new company. Today was my first day.  Here is what I got:

a) High base salary
b) Good Commission
d) Free Gas
e) Tons of Time Off w/pay (like 1/3 of the year)

I also found out that I get an extra year on the GI Bill so with this spare time I will get my masters mostly paid for.  To top it all off, I stop by 10th Planet to check it out, I got to fucking roll with Joe Rogan.  I got my ass handed to me but jesus christ that was an amazing experience.  Guy is fucking smooth as hell and it was truely an honor to roll with him.  Also, we talked about the UG and he said it is an amazing resource and the people on here are great.

So, about 2 years ago I wanted to fucking die, hated my life, worked my ass off with barely any money, skipped from job to job, had very few friends cause of the moving, got fat, solid state of depression, no bitches, no real job prospects, shitty car with no AC, looked at doing illegal shit for money.  Now, finally, my life is taking a turn for the better, and I am happy to say that I think the depression is finally starting to wear off.  Maybe I can finally smoke weed again, for the past few years I couldnt cause It would just make me more depressed.

Just wanted to come and tell my story, I dont know the motivational value of it but I hope I can convince just one person to keep fighting the good fight for better quality of life and to truely chase what they want.  This is just the begining for me. I am going to take a 1 year break before chasing after my biggest goal in life.

Thanks for reading,


Monday, October 18, 2010

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson

As you can tell from the headline, I am a huge MMA fan.  I have been following it since 2005 when I start fighting myself.  One charechter who has been around since then is our dear friend, Quinton "Rampage" Jackson.  He has been one of my favorite fighters since then but he has always had one problem.  He never got to hold the Pride belt and he barely got the UFC belt. Basically, he is unable to compete and maintain his position at the highest levels.

This is because he really loves money. I mean, he REALLY loves money.  While people like Brock Lesnar invest 200k into a training camp, rampage will never spend more than 30k on his.  He has never been a member of a huge camp (because camps charge money) and because of that his skills have never evolved past boxing and wrestling.  Now, he is getting into acting and his skills will further decline into nothingness.  At least he will always be entertaining, that is something that will never go away. I am gonna miss you Rampage, at least I got to see you hold the UFC Belt!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Listen guys, if you are friendzoned, get the fuck out of the relationship

Ok, how many of us have been there before?  You meet a girl, you like her but she doesn't like you as anything more than a friend.  So you sit there dreaming about how badly you want to be with her and what you are willing do to be with her yet it gets you nowhere.  My recommendation is to stop all together and just walk the fuck away.  Listen, these women should be dying to be with YOU not the other way around.  If you find yourself in the submissive position it is best to take 2 steps back rethink what got you into this position, then walk away.  Why the fuck would you want to be somebody's bitch.  If you fancy that sort of treatment then by all means, dig in.  But for those young alpha males out there or striving alpha males, I recommend never subjecting yourself to that type of treatment that will eventually lead to depression, anxiety, jealousy and maybe even suicide.